Collaboration with Khalifa University

The Body Museum at Khalifa University is a natural destination for the BODY WORLDS exhibit. The world renowned traveling exhibit brings to light the inner workings of our bodies and will be hosted at Khalifa University’s new medical school, a first in the UAE’s capital city Abu Dhabi. Together, the Body Museum and BODY WORLDS will pioneer, inspire, and transform the minds of Abu Dhabi’s students and residents.

Khalifa University is proud of its ranking as the #1 institution for higher education and research in the United Arab Emirates and is fully committed to promoting its legacy and culture to lead, innovate, inspire, and transform. Through establishing the Body Museum and hosting BODY WORLDS, Khalifa University is proud to crown its latest achievement with the launch of Abu Dhabi’s first medical school, and the first museum in the country dedicated to medicine and health sciences.


The BODY WORLDS’ founders and the leadership at Khalifa University share a common goal – to inspire adults and children alike to take better care of their health. It is also a shared goal that visitors are motivated into careers that advance our understanding of health and medicine through science.


The United Arab Emirates has emerged as a global hub for innovation. Abu Dhabi is an attractive destination for students, researchers, tourists, and more as they flock to the beautiful, safe, and prosperous Emirate. Abu Dhabi is home to the UAE’s top ranked university – Khalifa University – the largest convention center, and countless other world class attractions. BODY WORLDS at The Body Museum is an unprecedented opportunity to educate millions of curious minds.

A never before seen experience in the Middle East, the one-of-a-kind exhibit will attract children and adults with the intention to inspire aspiring students into careers of medicine and science, as well as living a healthy lifestyle.