The objective of BODY WORLDS is to educate the public about health science, human anatomy and physiology. Comparisons of healthy and diseased organs such as a lung from a smoker and non-smoker highlight the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices are showcased. In addition, the exhibit conveys powerful lessons about the form, function and beauty of the human body and how everything works together.

BODY WORLDS displays specimens preserved using groundbreaking Plastination, a process that replaces the natural fluids in the body with fluid plastics. Whole body specimens are set in lifelike poses to highlight different body systems, and allow students to see how muscles, tendons, bones and nerves work together for the first time in the Arab world.

What Systems Are Covered?

  • locomotive/muscular system
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Digestive system including the excretory system
  • Reproductive system and
  • How disease and aging affect these systems


The Body Museum at Khalifa University is part of Abu Dhabi’s first and newly launched medical school - the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS). As part of the UAE’s top ranked university, The Body Museum is intended to continue KU’s tradition of pioneering, educating, inspiring, and transforming the minds and lives of the of the UAE’s residents.

Pioneering – Leading the UAE and region in landmark accomplishments that change the perceptions of people around the globe and within the UAE about what is possible.

Educating – As the premier higher education institute in the UAE, KU carries the mantle to realize the UAE’s government initiatives to transform the UAE into a global destination for international students and researchers and as well as a hub for human capital.

Inspiring – The Body Museum and other outreach programs undertaken by KU inspire young students to take an active interest in science, medicine, and healthy living.

Transforming – KU, the CMHS, and The Body Museum are all part of Abu Dhabi leadership’s vision of transforming the Emirate into a knowledge-economy.


The Body Museum is an asset to the people of the UAE and it is key to changing people’s perceptions of health. It will act as a catalyst, leading them to making better lifestyle choices.

Residents of the UAE have alarmingly high rates of debilitating diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. It is a long established fact that the key to fighting such diseases is preventative healthcare, or living a healthy lifestyle. The Body Museum helps to educate adults and children alike about how the body works when it’s healthy and what happens when it breaks down, motivating visitors to take better care of their bodies, and in turn, supporting the UAE’s goal to reduce debilitating diseases and encourage healthy and happy living.


Khalifa University, its College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and The Body Museum are integral to realizing the vision of the UAE leadership to transform the UAE into a knowledge economy and primary destination for scientific research and innovation.

We hope that many students who visit The Body Museum will be inspired to study medicine and undertake careers in STEM fields that will further advance scientific understanding of humanity’s most pressing challenges. Khalifa University is committed to developing and nurturing the UAE’s promising young men and women in the field of science.