Our Values


As an entity owned and managed by Khalifa University – an independent, non-profit educational institution mandated to lead the transformation of the UAE into a global leader in science and technology – The Body Museum contributes to the University’s goal of educating, inspiring, and elevating future generations to living healthy and informed lives.
The Body Museum is meant to inspire visitors young and old alike. By looking under the skin at the mechanisms of the human body and observing the tangible differences between healthy living and unhealthy living, visitors will develop a stronger understanding of the impact of our diet and lifestyle on our physical wellbeing.

The UAE is fighting record obesity, diabetes, and unhealthy life choices like smoking. We hope that visitors leave The Body Museum with a renewed passion and respect for their own bodies.

As part of Khalifa University, The Body Museum places education as its primary focus. The Body Museum will educate thousands of residents as they pass through the halls of The Body Museum, or study at Khalifa University’s CMHS.

Our aim is to elevate the minds and lives of visitors at The Body Museum. As part of Abu Dhabi’s first medical college, we also aim to measure an increase in interest and registration to Khalifa University’s College of Medicine and Health Sciences.


To educate, inspire, and elevate. The Body Museum aims to generate interest in studying medical sciences as well as embodying a healthy lifestyle.


We envision a UAE that produces world-class medical practitioners, and a citizenry that leads the region in healthy habits and life expectancy.